What is Zation?

Zation is an application server framework which lets you build fast, real-time, secure and scalable backends. It's ideal for creating real-time apps, e.g., mobile apps with react-native, multiplayer games or real-time statistic apps. The Zation backend framework is written in Typescript and uses the µWebSockets library which is written in C++. The framework also provides client libraries for communicating to the backend and a library for testing your server.



It's using the WebSocket protocol to make real-time communication possible.


It's incredibly fast and suitable for multiplayer games.


You can set access rights and protecting your backend with the solid authentication engine.


You can scale it on more CPU cores or servers to handle more traffic.

Powerful Tools

It's providing a lot of built-in tools, e.g., input validation, background tasks, data streaming and many more.


The backend code is structured in components for not losing the track in big projects.

Easy to Use

It's easy to build backends quickly because the API is comfortable, clean and documented.

Up to Date

Zation will be continuously maintained and improved.

Get started

Start by creating a project

# Install Zation
# Create a project

Or start by reading the documentation guides

Any Problems?

If you have any problems or questions about Zation, you can contact me.